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Optimize your Internet experience with these tools, included with Verizon Broadband with Windows Live.

Gadgets bring information right to your fingertips. You decide what content you want and how you want it displayed.

Verizon Internet Security Software, VISS (additional fee required)
Easy-to-install VISS Anti-virus, Pop-up Blocker, Firewall and Anti-Spyware. Take comfort knowing you are protected!

Powerful Search Capability
Have a question? Powerful search capabilities will help ensure you get the answer. Searches can be based on blogs, news, desktop or products – just to name a few.

Windows Live for TV and Windows Live Spaces for TV
You can now access Windows Live services from your Windows Media Center®. You can even establish unique blogs to further expand your online community!

Customized Parental Controls
Help keep your kids safer from online dangers with flexible parental controls that are there when you can't be.

Search Builder
An excellent learning experience to help you refine your search queries so that nothing escapes you in your pursuit of a hard-to-find answer. Or just simply search fun topics. Now you can make sure you get all the information available!

Near Me
Near Me allows you to narrow your search results to a specific geographic location.

Windows Live Gallery
Allows you to preview potential gadgets and tools. Adding these to your home page allows you to customize and personalize your gadgets and tools so the look and feel of your home page is the way you want it.

* Not all features of Verizon Broadband with Windows Live™ are Macintosh® compatible.

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